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This site is focused on the professional experience component of initial teacher education (ITE).

Project Evidence has been developed to guide and inform key stakeholders in ITE professional experience, namely, school-based and university-based teacher educators and pre-service teachers. Project Evidence was funded by an Australian Learning & Teaching Council Grant (2010/2012) and an Office for Learning & Teaching Extension Grant (2013/2014). The team who worked on the project regard the site as an acknowledgement of the critical role that experienced teachers in schools play in providing quality professional experiences.

With this in mind, the website has been designed as a place for professional learning, providing a range of information, activities and resources to support the school-based and university-based teacher educators and pre-service teachers who seek to improve the partnerships that are so critical to the development of future teachers. The materials presented throughout the website are intended as stimulus for professional learning opportunities – not as ‘answers’ in and of themselves.

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Many of the suggested activities are closely linked to our sister site